Smile Partners Pre-K program fulfills the state and federal Pre-K dental screening mandate, and services are provided at NO COST to the schools and families. During our visits, children, whose parents consent, are provided with oral health education, dental screenings, fluoride treatments and referral to dentists.  The children are given dental goodie bags that contain a report for parents and other age appropriate oral health items.  We have found that when children are educated by our staff of licensed dental hygienist, they have lower rates of dental decay.

Smile Partners is able to visit each school site up to three times per year. Our organization works with each school site to offer the most convenient clinic dates and times.

The dental providers are located near the school and accept Apple Health and Medicaid dental insurance.

Currently, our program is provided in the following sites and counties:

King County:

  1. Brigadoon ECEAP
  2. Cascade View ECEAP
  3. Decatur ECEAP
  4. Denise Louie -Beacon, Lake Washington, International District
  5. Kent Panther Lake
  6. Kent Youth ECEAP
  7. 7. Kent Valley ECEAP
  8. Kent Valley Early Learning Center
  9. Meredith Hill ECEAP
  10. Mt. Rainer
  11. Norman Center
  12. Star Lake ECEAP
  13. Sunrise ECEAP
  14. Thomas Jefferson ECEAP
  15. Thorndyke Preschol
  16. Valley View ECEAP
  17. Woodmont

Kitsap County:

  1. Brownsville Head Start
  2. Burley
  3. Central Valley Kingston
  4. Central Valley Silverdale
  5. Creative Kids Head Start
  6. David Wolfle Head Start
  7. Discovery Head Start
  8. East Port Orchard
  9. Givens ECEAP
  10. Green Mountain
  11. Hidden Creek
  12. Holly Ridge
  13. Jackson Park Head Start
  14. Manchester
  15. Moen
  16. Mullinex
  17. Ollala ECEAP
  18. Olympic College Early Head Start and Head Start
  19. Pinecrest
  20. Sunny Slope Head Start
  21. West Bremerton Early Learning Center
  22. Woodlands

Snohomish County:

  1. Garfield ECEAP
  2. Hawthorne ECEAP
  3. Lowell ECEAP
  4. Madison ECEAP
  5. Peace of Mind ECEAP
  6. Silver Lake ECEAP
  7. Trailside ECEAP